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A Hilton Head Island Beach Wedding Come True

When you wish upon the beaches of Palmetto Dunes growing up and your Hilton Head Island wedding dream comes true

Hilton Head Island feels like home to so many and this rings true especially for the bride, Jordan Kelch. Jordan and her family have been vacationing in Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort every summer for the past 22 years. To Jordan, a Hilton Head Island vacation meant reuniting with family and fond memories of walking on the beach in the morning with her sister and grandma. Their family made every second count.

Jordan and her family cherish Palmetto Dunes' villas that have become their cozy summer stays for the week, such as Queens Grant, The Moorings, Beach Villas and Hampton Place.

Her favorite spot of all though was The Dunes House.

The Dunes House beachfront venue

Jordan told us, “The Dunes House was always something special to me. My sister and I have watched people get married on that beach every summer, and when we were little, I always told her that it would be me one day. We actually have a picture of us posing as kids under someone's bamboo wedding arch and were able to recreate that on my wedding day.”

Jordan knew she would be the one standing under the arch one day with her significant other. As she started growing up, she found her person along the way. His name was Matthew. Jordan and Matthew have been dating since they were 15 years old and went to The Ohio State University for their bachelor’s degrees. Matthew started going with Jordan on their Hilton Head family vacations to Palmetto Dunes back in 2018.

“When Matt and I were deciding where to get married, he asked me if I could have my wedding anywhere, where would it be?” said Jordan. “The Dunes House beach venue in Palmetto Dunes was my answer. It was absolutely perfect and I couldn't have dreamed it any better. I felt completely at home and at peace.”

By Sarah Nelson Photography
By Sarah Nelson Photography

That’s the magic of a Hilton Head wedding at The Dunes House – feeling completely at peace.

“All we wanted for our wedding was to celebrate our love for each other with our families and close friends and have somewhere to celebrate that would embody that love. We knew Palmetto Dunes was the venue that was going to reflect that,” said the bride.

Surrounded by loved ones, Jordan’s childhood wish she made years ago on that same beach came true that evening. Jordan and Matthew exchanged “I do’s” and had a cotton-candy sunset photoshoot post ceremony. The Dunes House wedding venue gave them all a stunning ocean view the entire evening and a starry night for the reception to close out their special day.

Congratulations Jordan and Matthew Kelch! Thank you for sharing your story with us. If you have a Dunes House wedding dream like Jordan’s, let us help you make that dream come true! You can request a wedding proposal and start planning your perfect wedding by getting in touch with our Catering & Events Manager today.

Professional photography by Sarah Nelson Photography.



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